Most engaged micro-influencers in Singapore

These micro-influencers published the most engaging posts in 2020. Find out who they are.

Jasmine Loh / December 28, 2020

To determine Singapore’s most engaging micro-influencers, we look at personalities with less than 20,000 followers on Instagram and rank them in order of the average engagement actions they receive for their posts. Overall, top 5 attracted an average of 1,627 engagement actions (likes, comments and equivalent) per post. Among them, find Youtubers, artistes, gamers and a cute furry spitz.

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mizchiefmagik - top micro-influencers in Singapore

@mizchiefmagik (Leah)
Singapore . Gaming . K-pop

15,024 followers / 2,157 average likes / 39 average comments

Leah is a video producer & host at ZULA, a lifestyle website and Youtube channel for young Singaporean women. Her semi-curated feed features interesting places, spontaneous OOTDs and an occasional K-dance cover.

sherrng - top micro-influencers in Singapore

@sherrng (Ng Sher Ren 黄思恩)
Singapore . Gaming . Streaming . Tech

17,529 followers / 1,551 average likes / 40 average comments

Ng Sher Ren, an avid gamer at nocplays, streams regularly on Twitch. Her feed is a mix of gaming, tech gadgets and the things restless millennials would love to do.

bennhum - top micro-influencers in Singapore

@bennhum (Ben Hum)
Singapore . Live Singer . Performer

19,001 followers / 1,460 average likes / 101 average comments

Ben Hum is a Singaporean singer of Campus Superstar fame. Fans in their twenties would turn up in droves to support his gigs at music cafes and bars. He has since pivoted to performing live online, as his follower base grew rapidly. He also recently released his first single.

lunamoontheloon - top micro-influencers in Singapore

@lunamoontheloon (HooMom’s pet spitz)
Singapore . Pet

16,715 followers / 1,430 average likes / 91 average comments

Luna is HooMdm’s pet spitz. Our furry friend assumes a lighthearted and humorous voice on an Instagram account that is packed with endorsements. At times, we couldn’t appreciate the puns and off-tangent associations (like the link between alcohol and dogs), but it’s all in the name of fun we presume! πŸ˜›

ardinalinley - top micro-influencers in Singapore

@ardinalinley (Ardina Linley Sng)
Singapore . Fashion . Lifestyle

18,402 followers / 1,244 average likes / 20 average comments

Ardina Linley Sng is a final year student at the Singapore Management University. She publishes content on fashion and the brands she love.

There you go. 5 Singaporean micro-infuencers with the most engaging content on Instagram in 2020. To search for creators by their subject matter and passions, visit


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The most engaging micro-influencers feature personalities with a follower base of 20,000 and below. Final ranking is determined by the average engagement volume per post. The higher the average per post, the more engaging a creator is deemed to be. For more information about our algorithm or analytics, please email

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