The most effective Instagram hashtags for brands & influencers in Singapore

Here’s a list of Singapore-specific hashtags that you’ll want to add to your posts to extend reach and attract more engagement. You’re welcome.

Jasmine Loh / December 10, 2020

Hashtags matter and the impetus to use them is clear. Applying the most relevant hashtags to your posts puts you in front of your target audience, even if they haven’t connected with you before. Some marketing agencies have even proclaimed that Instagram posts with hashtags receive 60% to 70% more engagement than posts without.

However, picking out the most effective hashtags hasn’t been that straightforward. There are articles aplenty that suggest a long list of ‘popular’ hashtags, adopted by creators from anywhere across the globe (and usually not Asia or Singapore). These tags are usually not geo-specific, and will not be as relevant if you are targeting an audience that primarily work, live and play in a specific city or country.

Since we work with many Singapore-based brands and creators (and influencers), we would like to share a list of hashtags that are specific to our city. You should add them to your roster if you want to improve the ‘discoverability’ of your Instagram posts. Below, you’ll find popular (and we think effective) hashtags sorted by categories such as lifestyle genres and topics. We hope you will find it useful. Say hi to us ( if you are on Instagram too. And if there’s something you would like us to cover, buzz us at

Instagram hashtag - sgfoodies


Singapore . Food . Beverages . Dessert . Cafes . Hawker Food . Restaurants

  1. #sgfood (3m posts)
  2. #sgfoodies (1.6m)
  3. #sgfoodie (1.4m)
  4. #sgeats (1m)
  5. #singaporefood (1m)
  6. #sgfoodporn (826k)
  7. #sgcafe (672k)
  8. #8dayseat (409k)
  9. #sgigfoodies (331k)
  10. #sgfoodblogger (327k)
Instagram hashtag - sghomecooking


Singapore . Home-cooked Meals . Recipes . Home Chefs

  1. #sghomecooking (76.6k)
  2. #singaporehomecooks (54.4k)
  3. #sghomebaker (51.4k)
  4. #sghomecook (48.4k)
  5. #sgcooking (19.9k)
Instagram hashtag - fashion


Singapore . Fashion . Wardrobe . Cosmetics . Stylists

  1. #sgfashion (446k)
  2. #ootdsg (439k)
  3. #sgbeauty (339k)
  4. #styelxstyle (331k)
  5. #sgblogshop (339k)
  6. #singaporefashion (227k)
  7. #sgstyle (188k)
  8. sgmakeupartist (160k)
  9. #singaporestyle (146k)
  10. #sgootd (117k)
Instagram hashtag - sneakers


Singapore . Shoes . Sneakers

  1. #sgsneakerheads (43.1k)
  2. #sneakerpore (14k)
  3. #sgshoes (9.6k)
  4. #sgkicks (8.7k)
  5. #sgsneakers (8.7k)
Instagram hashtag - fitness


Singapore . Sports . Workout . Gear

  1. #sgfitness (428k)
  2. #sgfitfam (196k)
  3. #sgyoga (113k)
  4. #sgfit (99.6k)
  5. #sgfitspo (75.9k)
  6. #yogasingapore (74.4k)
Instagram hashtag - Singapore Travel & Tourism


Singapore . Adventures . Going Places . Flights . Hotels

  1. #exploresingapore (1.7m)
  2. #visitsingapore (915k)
  3. #singaporeinsiders (618k)
  4. #singaporetrip (369k)
  5. #thisissingapore (313k)
  6. #discoversingapore (115k)
  7. #sgtravel (54.1k)
  8. #sghotel (19.2k)
  9. #singaporediscovers (16.9k)
  10. #singapoliday (3.6k)
Instagram hashtag - Singapore Weddings


Singapore . Weddings . Brides . Grooms

  1. #sgwedding (509k)
  2. #sgbrides (351k)
  3. #singaporebrides (207k)
  4. #singaporeweddings (107k)
  5. #singaporeweddingphotographer (88.9k)
Instagram hashtag - Singapore Homes


Singapore . Home . Decor . Interior Design . Plants . Furniture

  1. #sgflorist (197k)
  2. #sghome (142k)
  3. #sghomedeor (76.1k)
  4. #interiordesignsg (74.6k)
  5. #sgcrafters (66.4k)
  6. #sgplants (36.6k)
  7. #singaporedesign (25.9k)
  8. #sgbto (10k)
  9. #plantpeoplesg (9.9k)
  10. #sgwoodworking (1.2k)
Instagram hashtag - Singapore Mums


Singapore . Family . Motherhood . Children

  1. #sgkids (527k)
  2. #sgbaby (499k)
  3. #sgmummy (434k)
  4. #sgparents (290k)
  5. #sgmom (222k)
  6. #sgmummies (217k)
  7. #sgmum (218k)
  8. #sgbabies (193K)
  9. #sgfamily (172k)
  10. #sgmotherhood (51k)
Instagram hashtag - Singapore Pets


Singapore . Dogs . Cats

  1. #sgdogs (689k)
  2. #sgpets (527k)
  3. #sgcats (362k)
  4. #catsofsingapore (251k)
  5. #singaporedogs (247k)
  6. #dogsofsingapore (140k)
  7. #sgdoglover (79.5k)
  8. #petsofsg (20.3k)

That’s it. All the hashtags you need to reach the Singaporean audience.  Try applying some to your posts and let us know if they are effective.

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