Most professional micro-influencers in Singapore

These micro-influencers are the most professional and easiest to work with in 2022. Find out who they are.

Jasmine Loh / July 28, 2022

To identify the most professional micro-influencers, we examine personalities who have worked on at least 2 campaigns and scrutinise details of their delivery, from actions taken to conversations with us and brands.

We look out specifically for positive attitudes, independence, effort and timeliness.  Among them, you can find entrepreneurs, designers, mothers and home cooks. Read about their exemplary stories.

Whatever happens, take responsibility.

passionade - influencer from Singapore

RATING 4.8 / 5

@passionade (Kelly)
Singapore . Fashion . Lifestyle

17,362 followers / 803 average likes / 8 average comments

That standout moment: it was a week before performance reports were to be sent in but Kelly was going to be out of town. She took it in her stride, and managed her own deadlines independently. The platform did send out reminders and we think it helped!

Kelly is the lady boss of The Willow Label, a Singaporean boutique. On Instagram, Kelly assumes the role of the fashion editor and wants you to shop from her personal closet featuring the latest collection from her label.

Benjamin Takahiro Tan - Singapore

RATING 4.6 / 5

@benjaminberyllium (Benjamin Takahiro Tan)
Singapore . Lifestyle

3,639 followers / 263 average likes / 5 average comments

That standout moment: Benjamin tracks his work on storify closely. Above and beyond what the platform is tracking automatically, he takes an extra effort to update the brand managers on what he has done, consistently and every time, for all his projects.

Benjamin is a marketing executive for a Japanese conglomerate. On Instagram, he takes you on an adventure around town, featuring the best of his after-5 haunts.

koyourichan - Singapore

RATING 4.6 / 5

@koyourichan (Chen)
Singapore . Mum . Lifestyle

10,448 followers / 262 average likes / 28 average comments

That standout moment: a day after sending in her work for a campaign, Chen initiates a re-shoot because she feels that the frames should be better captured.

Chen is a mum and an executive with a technology company. On Instagram, she shares snippets of her life with her daughter.

Jeremy Thaddeus How - Singapore

RATING 5 / 5

@howjeremy (Jeremy Thaddeus How )
Singapore . Lifestyle . Men’s Fashion

3,616 followers / 221 average likes / 6 average comments

That standout moment: Jeremy is a soft-spoken gentleman who treats everyone with a generous dose of respect and courtesy. This makes working together a lot easier and productive.

Jeremy is a creative for an advertising company. On Instagram, he’s an avid traveler. Find him sipping coffee and fidgeting with trending gadgets in the most stylish cafes. - rontreechan - 2021

RATING 4 / 5

@rontreechan (Ronnie Chan)
Singapore . Food . Recipes . Home Chef

9,310 followers / 484 average likes / 156 average comments

That standout moment: Ronnie is as independent as you can get for a creator. With minimal intervention from project administrators, he’s able to fulfill requirements independently, from start to completion, consistently over multiple campaigns for different brands. This frees up time and effort for more creative work.

Ronnie is an interior designer by day, and a home chef after work. His feed is a colorful grid of different dishes he prepared for his wife.

Work ethics count and here’s a snapshot of the most professional micro-influencers we have worked with this year. If you would like to initiate a project with them, buzz us at Or go to to search for people who can put up beautiful stories for your brand.


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