A data-driven approach to rewarding creators and influencers

This is how we create a transparent, fair and equitable compensation framework for creators.

Jasmine Loh / November 18, 2020

How do you arrive at a fair rate to pay your creators and influencers for work done?

‘Suggested fee’ at storify is a transparent and data-driven framework that measures the worth and impact of a creator’s work. Leveraging on the principles of A.I, machine learning and big-data, we delve into the metrics and signals that reflect the quality, performance and attitude of a creator.

With ‘Suggested fee’, you can arrive at a fair rate to pay for work done by your creator, derived scientifically and substantiated by data.

Our Methodology

The ‘suggested fee’ is an analysis of the creator’s audience, performance of content and feedback from past clients.

Audience quality considers the authenticity and integrity of a creator’s followers. Content performance is represented by both the engagement volume and rates of a creator’s posts. And feedback takes into account client’s ratings on work quality and professionalism.

These three measures make our suggested fee a powerful representation of a creator’s worth and impact. More critically, they result in a transparent, fair and equitable compensation framework for both creators and brands.

If you would like to see it in action, sign up as a brand at storify.me and set up a project, or email us at hello@storify.me for assistance.

Influencer compensation framework

‘Suggested fee’ uses data from the core storify.me platform, which processes tens of thousands of creators and millions of posts. Every verified* creator on the platform is included.

*Creators who wish to be verified should sign up here and follow a few simple steps to authenticate your social media account.

Fees are currently calculated on demand, while data sets to support the calculations are refreshed every month.

Suggested fees are dynamically calculated, re-learned and available for brand owners who are setting up projects on storify.me. Access to the feature is free. To view suggested fees for a creator, add the creator to your project and suggested fees will be displayed alongside the field for proposed fees.

You can also reach out to us at hello@storify.me for assistance.

How influencer rates are calcuated on storify.me

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