Campaign credit for micro businesses & start-ups from the F&B sector

This is our way of helping the under-served home-based businesses and start-ups get a leg up with their marketing effort.

Jasmine Loh, iamchubbypotato, makanwarrior, belbuttons, dingsleepy, jennacbear7 / December 14, 2020

We started out with the mission to transform the way brands work with independent creators and professionalise the relationships between all in the ecosystem. As we went about with our work, we came across many start-ups and small businesses that have been under-served by the various public and private support schemes. The businesses we crossed paths with are usually new, micro or home based, but with an exciting, or otherwise, inspiring story.

For these promising businesses, the lack of access to resources should not be the stumbling block to scale and success.

So we think we can help.

As a ‘martech’ platform operating in a vibrant community of talented creators, we are in a unique position to jump start the marketing journey of new businesses, providing them with tools and assets to create desirable brands that people will talk about.

Eligible businesses and start-ups will receive a full-waiver of platform and creator costs for their first campaign. This means any upstart can launch a content marketing campaign, and activate a suite of creators to produce content for the brand at almost no cost.

The inaugural round of our initiative will see us award campaign credit to 5 businesses from the food & beverage sector. If you are a young business from the sector and need some help with content marketing, put up an application for project credits by filling up this form. If you aren’t from the sector, you can still apply and we will put your business in subsequent batches. We are also looking out for promising small businesses from sectors such as fashion, jewellery, craft, woodmaking, technology, music and the arts.


This is a series of postings put up by different creators who are supporting businesses like yours. We are not influencers. We are creators, with a following.


Tell us who you are and provide information about your business. We will review and return to you with an update in a 2 to 3 days.


We know you have questions, so here are the answers. If you need help, drop us a note at

Eligible businesses should be small enterprises that are incorporated in Singapore, by Singaporeans. The business should have a turnover of no more than S$500,000 a year. The incorporation date of the business must not be more than 12 months from the date of application.

The initiative is designed for Singaporean makers, so we are offering support for businesses that design, make and produce tangible products. We are looking out for businesses from sectors including food & beverage, fashion, jewellery, furniture, decor, music, performing arts and craft. That said, these genres are not cast in stone and if you are starting out and need support, please reach out to us at!

Eligible businesses are provided with a full waiver of costs to launch one content marketing campaign on, supported by participating creators.  The value is approximately S$990. Businesses can expect to activate about 5 creators, each producing a suite of content assets.

Participating creators are curated from a pool of highly qualified and talented content makers. They are personalities with a craft, who can make stylish content, and have personal standing (and a following). We also value substance over vanity metrics, so expect a team that’s good with what they do. You can refer to to get a sense of what these creators can do.

You can share the content on your own social channels, as long as you credit the creator and

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