9 Singaporean food creators on Instagram to watch in 2021

Watch them share generations-old recipes and lead you to great food. Above all, they are a great bunch to work with.

Jasmine Loh / January 5, 2021

Before, we venture far and beyond for the best eats in town. Today, we scour the internet to have cravings delivered. And there are people who know their way to delicious food better than anyone of us. So here’s our list of 9 food creators you should work with for their professionalism and quality. You’re welcome.

storify.me - eatwhattonight - 2021

RATING 4.3 / 5

@eatwhattonight (Joye Ang)
Singapore . Food . Recipes . Home Cook

58,463 followers / 1,331 average likes / 23 average comments

Joyce shares recipes of the dishes she whips up at home. Her Instagram feed features close-ups of everyday dishes such as salted egg yolk chicken, Singapore style fried vermicelli and soy sauce fried noodles with shrimps. Working with her is hassle-free due to her care-free and easygoing demeanor.

storify.me - bakeomaniac - 2021

RATING 4.5 / 5

@bakeomaniac (Javier)
Singapore . Food . Home Baker

11,796 followers / 1,040 average likes / 158 average comments

Javier is a passionate home baker who is also a full time student. His Instagram feed is a showcase of the delicious pastries he makes. Javier  delivers work on time and on point.

storify.me - aromacookery - 2021

RATING 4.5 / 5

@aromacookery (Julia Khoo)
Singapore . Food . Home Cook .

33,375 followers / 846 average likes / 43 average comments

Julia loves to cook and boy we can prove it. On her feed, 2,000 recipes of everyday dishes that you, too, can whip up.

storify.me - makoeats - 2021

RATING 4.3 / 5

@makoeats (Mark Ong)
Singapore . Food . Home Cook . Photography

27,302 followers / 821 average likes / 28 average comments

Mark’s a photographer, home cook and discerning foodie all rolled into one. He’s detailed oriented, delivers work on time and never shies away from questions to clarify the brief and scope.

storify.me - makanwarrior -2021

RATING 5 / 5

@makanwarrior (Adam Tze)
Singapore . Food . Restaurants

10,262 followers / 401 average likes / 237 average comments

Adam makes beautiful pictures of every dish he comes across. He’s also very supportive of local food ventures. Every project with him was a breeze, he is usually flexible, delivers on time and does not need reminders on submission days.

storify.me - frootlupe -2021

@frootlupe (Alvin Tan)
Singapore . Food . Dining . Restaurants

2,997 followers / 409 average likes / 19 average comments

Alvin is a writer-photographer who loves his food. He has worked for  new media outlets such as food websites, Ladyironchef and Tidbitsmag, and The Social Nugget, a digital marketing agency. Alvin’s feed features brilliant images of food on the table at places he stumbled upon.

storify.me - iamchubbypotato

RATING 4.5 / 5

Singapore . Food . Recipes . Home Cook

2,864 followers / 330 average likes / 26 average comments

iamchubbypotato shares recipes of the food they create at home. Their feed is a stylish grid of home cooked dishes that are influenced by street eats and food that the couple came across while growing up in India and travelling around the World.  They are very supportive of Singaporean brands and have worked with us on helping local F&B start-ups kick start their content marketing initiatives.

storify.me - rontreechan - 2021

@rontreechan (Ronnie Chan)
Singapore . Food . Recipes . Home Cook

3,569 followers / 219 average likes / 76 average comments

Ronnie (or affectionately Uncle Ron) is an interior designer by day, and a home chef after work. His feed is a colorful grid of different dishes he prepared for his wife. Look out for how-to videos too.

storify.me - athomewithsimone - 2021

RATING 4.45 / 5

@athomewithsimone (Simone Ruth)
Singapore . Food . Recipes . Home Cook

2,451 followers / 184 average likes / 26 average comments

Simone, a designer manager, spreads her love for home cooked food on Instagram. Born into a family of bakers and cooks, she learned the ways of her elders and made her own creations. We like her grid of clean visuals and short, on-point captions.

We’re done. 9 Singaporean foodies to watch in 2021. We feature people whom we have worked with directly. Go to storify.me to view more people who can put up beautiful stories and content for your brand.


If you would like a list of other influencers and creators to look out for in 2021, let us know below. Do indicate the genres you are interested in.


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