7 Singaporean ‘skincare & beauty’ creators on Instagram to watch in December 2019

Psst! Follow these ‘beauty & skincare’ creators for their secret regimes to a radiant complexion. Activate them for stories you can call your own.

Jasmine Loh / November 28, 2019

Our squad for December is staffed with creators who are always ready to spill beauty secrets. What secrets, you might ask. Well, for one, each follows a skincare regime that is little known, but very much effective. And that’s not all. They are women with secrets, and you’ll have to follow them to find out more.

storify.me - shuutravels - 2019

RATING 4.6 / 5

@shuutravels (Shu)
Singapore . Travel . Beauty . Fashion

27,318 followers / 2,946 posts / 1,852 average likes

Shu’s feed is refreshingly colorful and happy. We worked with her through multiple updates and she’s always ready to take every instruction in her stride. Going places with Shu and her favourite creams and lotions is easy.

storify.me - kisses.vera - 2019

RATING 4.6 / 5

@kisses.vera (Vera)
Singapore . Stylist . Beauty . Travel

30,954 followers / 1,804 posts / 186 average likes

Vera has a keen eye for style. When we worked with her on project for a skincare brand, her frames were the most on-point, creative and different. Activate her for stories that stand out.

storify.me - peachpopss - 2019

RATING 4.4 / 5

@pauuulyn (Paulyn)
Singapore . Skincare . Lifestyle . Travel

22,461 followers / 815 posts / 424 average likes

Paulyn’s feed features a stylish golden hue. And watch her skin glow wherever she goes, with a little help from that handy moisturising cream. Usually flexible and fun to work with.

storify.me - tippytoess (Audrey)

RATING 4.4 / 5

@tippytoess (Audrey)
Singapore . Beauty . Cosmetics . Lifestyle

60,828 followers / 4,058 posts / 828 average likes

Audrey’s feed is effortlessly chic. No product is too complicated for her and she takes good initiative to help brands stand out.

storify.me - audt (Audrey)

RATING 4.4 / 5

@audt (Audrey)
Singapore . Lifestyle . Beauty . Mum

20,587 followers / 2,062 posts / 488 average likes

Audrey, the young mum, works with a myriad of lifestyle brands. She’s usually professional and dependable.

storify.me - jodiaarielle (Jodi)

RATING 4.4 / 5

@jodiaarielle (Jodi Aarielle)
Singapore . Skincare . Beauty . Fashion . Travel

37,824 followers / 840 posts / 1,620 average likes

Young Jodi has complexion which we like. We placed her on campaigns with cosmetics and skincare brands, and she’s always comfortable.

storify.me - eileenmak - 2019

RATING 4.2 / 5

@eileenmak (Eileen Mak)
Singapore . Travel . Beauty . Cosmetics

26,951 followers / 1,136 posts / 1,173 average likes

Eileen is bubbly and fun-loving, and that is translated onto her feed. Her stories are always vibrant and buzzing with energy. Match her with cosmetics that she can use during picnic at Marina Barrage or a day by the beach. It’s going to be a breeze, to work with Eileen.

That’s it. 7 Singaporean ‘beauty & skincare’ creators to watch this December. We feature people whom we have worked with directly.  To view more people who can put up beautiful content for your brand, go to storify.me.


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