7 Singaporean food creators on Instagram to watch in December 2019

Watch out, hungry people! These creators tell you what to lay on your dining table this end of the year. Follow for food, or activate them for stories you can call your own.

Jasmine Loh / November 13, 2019

There are all kinds of nom noms everywhere we venture – potato strips in mala, beef rendang and smoked duck pizza. And we brought people along. Check out these creators for their beautiful experiences, ever-eager attitudes, brilliant professionalism and ability to deliver on time. Get ready to feast.

storify.me - wishuponatart - 2019

RATING 4.7 / 5

@wishuponatart (Annabel)
Singapore . Food . Dining . Restaurants . Cafes

7,011 followers / 1,587 posts / 211 average likes

Working with Annabel has always been easy. Her submissions are always on time, and she does not need to be reminded of when she needs to do what. She’s passionate about food and particular about dining experiences. It’s a breeze to get her to work on a feast!

storify.me - emily.eatingthyme - 2019

RATING 4.5 / 5

@emily.eatingthyme (Emily)
Singapore . Food . Dining . Restaurants . Cafes

6,680 followers / 1,317 posts / 215 average likes

Emily’s always on time with her appointments and submissions. She’s a discerning diner and an up-to-date foodie.

storify.me - so.gelly - 2019

RATING 4.5 / 5

@so.gelly (Gelly)
Singapore . Food . Dining . Lifestyle . Fashion

18,527 followers / 466 posts / 793 average likes

Gelly’s feed is consistent, vibrant and bright. She delivers work on time and extends flexibility to every party she works with.

storify.me - cassakating - 2019

RATING 4.4 / 5

@cassakating (Cassie)
Singapore . Food . Dining . Lifestyle

13,751 followers / 2,618 posts / 223 average likes

Cassie lives to eat. Find her at tasting events. When taking a break from food, Cassie goes places. We like her feed – her photos are consistently clean.

storify.me - spadely - 2019

RATING 4.4 / 5

@spadely (Goh Liang Yu)
Singapore . Food . Lifestyle

5,502 followers / 2,533 posts / 248 average likes

Liang Yu frames his pictures really well. He’s always eager, excited and motivated. We love him because he’s delivers a youthful vibe to everything he comes across.

storify.me - sharlottek0h - 2019

RATING 4.3 / 5

@sharlottek0h (Sharlotte)
Singapore . Food . Lifestyle

2,220 followers / 188 posts / 461 average likes

Sharlotte’s feed is clean, minimalistic and well-framed. She possesses a brilliant sense of style and is always enthusiastic and easy to work with.

storify.me - travlim - 2019

RATING 4.3 / 5

@travlim (Travis Lim)
Singapore . Food . Dining . Restaurants

4,184 followers / 1,535 posts / 241 average likes

Travis makes a vibrant, high contrast feed that features trending restaurants, cafes and bites. It’s effortlessly easy to work with him. He takes the brief seriously and delivers on time.

That’s it. 7 Singaporean foodies to watch as 2019 draws to a close. We feature people whom we have worked with directly. Go to storify.me to view more people who can put up beautiful stories and content for your brand.


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